Danish textile delegation Sourcing from Turkey

Secure and sustainable supply chains are a growing challenge for the Danish business community. That’s why The Trade Council in Istanbul, Dansk Erhverv / WEAR and Dansk Mode & Textil are jointly organizing a “textile import” delegation to Turkey in November

Istanbul and Izmir have a large number of international textile production companies. Both places you will be matched with local manufacturers of clothing, apparel or other textile products (e.g. home textile and accessories) that are “tailored” to the specific needs and requirements that you define. On the first day each place, you will meet up 6-8 companies that meet your criteria. On the second day you can visit the ones you find most promising for in-depth discussions and an opportunity to visit their production facilities.

This visit is for you if you:
➢ have an interest in establishing contacts to new, sustainable suppliers with short lead times that accept small order sizes.
➢ see an interest in working with suppliers that you can visit within three hours of flight, only have a 1-2 hour time difference with Denmark
➢ want to be able to ensure the social and environmental impact of the production of your products
➢ need flexible and cheap logistics options that include both air, sea and rail and not have to worry about customs due to a EU-Turkey Customs Union (no duty on imports).

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