About WEAR


WEAR is an industry association, for import, export and production as well as retail, online trade or otherwise trade in clothing, footwear, textiles, accessories or lifestyle products, which aims to promote cohesion within the industry and in all respects to serve the members' business interests.

Wholesale, Ecom And Retail


Year 1888

The textile association's trade union was formed in the 1880s economic crisis year in order to reduce the losses of wholesalers in connection with the bankruptcies and payment cuts that were widely used in these years among the many retail businesses that had been established during the 1870s boom.

Year 1919

The association changed its name to the Association of Danish Manufactory Wholesalers.

Year 1930

From the First World War, but especially after the trade liberalization and restrictions of the 1930s, the association gained increased importance for industry practitioners, and it grew strongly in membership.

Year 1950

With trade liberalization from the late 1950s, the following major competition from abroad and the new market formation, other areas came into focus. This meant that the association had a new organizational structure and at the same time changed its name to Textil Wholesale Association.

Year 1972

The Danish membership of the EC in 1972 meant that the association was significantly involved in many tasks of importance to international trade to the great benefit of the overall textile and clothing trade.

Year 2001

The association changed its name to Textil & Clothing (Tekstil & Tøj) as it retained until 2012, where the association became a member of Danish Chamber of Commerce (Dansk Erhverv) and strengthened the association's competence within the legal field.

Year 2012

The association changed its name to WEAR, as you know it today.

Year 2020

The year 2020 started with the adoption of new articles of association, which can open up a wider membership and possible mergers with other industry associations within lifestyle products. We believe that the time has come for us as an industry to think new, bigger and further ahead. We need to move away from traditional silo thinking and our own industry interest.

Industry associations within lifestyle have such a large relationship with each other that it does not make sense to continue in small independent associations. Whether you run retail, e-commerce or wholesale - in fashion, sports, outdoor or footwear - makes no difference in relation to legislation, political advocacy, competence development, media attention, urban development or international competition.

In this connection, WEAR has been given a new identity with a new logo, new colors and an updated website as well as layout in newsletters. All of this is something that will support and mark our new ambition to open up to a wide membership


For further information about WEAR Denmark please contact

Director Nikolai Klausen 
+45 3374 6139 / +45 9137 3130